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First Trip to RC

I took the TJ in bone stock form (with a few small pieces of armor) out to Rausch Creek and I’d like to say it did really well save one issue that revealed itself.  The bushings in the rear control arms are all so shot that the rear end jiggles something fierce on off camber trails and the rear locker won’t kick on (pretty sure that’s a shot vacuum pump).  Other than those issues, it actually did really great!  Can’t wait to build it up a little more b/c it really needs a smidge more clearance.





Just in case I haven’t mentioned this before, this thing is AMAZING in the snow!  I did a few good deeds pulling people out of ditches, up hills, out of snow drifts, shuttling to hospitals and dropping off stranded travelers during the recent snow storm.  I only wish the snow was around longer.  Love the stuff!



Thanks, I like to tow!

I don’t know if it’s a guy thing or maybe I’m just weird, but I really enjoy towing.  Nothing too too crazy, just small trailers. Perhaps a pair of jet skis or a 20ish foot boat.  You know, right around the 3500 lb mark.  One thing that I’ve been dragging my feet on for some reason is getting a proper drop hitch.  I’m still using the same hitch that I was using on my old Jeep (that also needed a drop hitch!) and that I’ve been using on this Jeep since before it was lifted or had the bigger tires.

I plopped a trailer on the current hitch and took a quick measurement to check the angle on the trailer when attached.  Ideally, that number would be right about zero instead of 2.5* off.


Locally, the biggest drop I could pick up that day was a 5.25″ drop.  Is it enough for my application?  We’ll just have to see.


The new vs. the old.  5.25″ drop on the left and the standard 2″ hitch on the right.


The new drop hitch helped a lot, but it’s still not quite perfect.  The angle is down to 1.5* and while I know the ground where I’m doing these tests isn’t level either, it’s also not off by 1.5*.  Better?  Yes, much!  Perfect… nope.  But it’s close.


In a semi-related thought, I love the new backup camera when it comes to lining up to a trailer.  It really takes just about all the guess work out of it!