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Just in case I haven’t mentioned this before, this thing is AMAZING in the snow!  I did a few good deeds pulling people out of ditches, up hills, out of snow drifts, shuttling to hospitals and dropping off stranded travelers during the recent snow storm.  I only wish the snow was around longer.  Love the stuff!




Snow Wheelin’

Let it be known that I love snow. A fresh snowfall makes even the most drab locations look amazing! Luckily for me, my local off-road park got dumped on the week leading up to this last wheeling trip. With wind chill at a balmy 4 degrees below zero, we set out to break ground on the fresh snow.

Wheeling anything but green trails quickly proved futile, as you can see below. I was the first to break out the winch to pull myself back up this short hill climb. There was simply no room to get a running start at the bottom of the hill and once on the incline, there was no traction to be had. Little did I know that was just the start of our winching for the day. Everyone’s (mine included) winches got quite the workout today.

I won’t bore you with hours of trail details and winching, but needless to say it was an amazing day of wheeling and recovery. Only one trail break (an LJ sheared off a good chunk of their front U-joint) makes for a killer day in the woods.