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Dual SS (…with tha navigation!)

As promised, I pulled off the Teraflex kit and threw even more parts at my rig!  Say hello to Fortec’s Exclusive (their words) FOX Dual Stabilizer Kit.  The unboxing reveals some really nice welds, good quality bolts/hardware and beautiful powder coating on all the custom made pieces.


There are really only about 3 steps to the entire install process.  First, attach the center bracket to your axle using the larger U-bolts and nuts.  Do NOT tighten all the way since you’ll be doing some adjustments.


Before you bolt on the tie-rod brackets, insert a long bolt pointing up into each bracket, and then attach the bracket to each end of your tie rod.  Once again don’t fully tighten b/c you will be doing some fine tuning.


Unlike me, please insert the blots you see pictured below BEFORE attaching the center bracket on to the axle.


Slip on the shocks onto the center bolts first, then compress each shock by hand to attach them onto the tie-rod bracket.  As you can see, everything is still a little loose while I check for fitment or clearance issues.


Once all the bolts are tightened, the shocks line up nicely with one another.

First Impressions – This kit takes a lot of the play out of the steering wheel and makes those turns feel very nice.  Not even a glimmer of bump steer on a pothole ridden turn at speeds and for that I am happy.  And two Fox shocks up front sure do look pretty!

The Bad – In all the pictures on the fortec site, they have this kit installed on a JK with a high steer set up so clearance isn’t an issue.  If you don’t have a high steer kit, you’ll want to rotate all three brackets back about 18 degrees on the axle/tie rod plane to make sure nothing hits and you still have full lock to lock steering.  The clamps on the tie rod are just begging to get snagged on road debris or a tree stump on the trail.  At this price point, I really expected a proper tie-rod clamp like this one from Rockhard4x4 instead of two u-bolts.  The $100ish kits can get away with that sort of solution, but when you get up to the $300 range the parts need to be a bit nicer to justify the extra cost imho.

It’s on there, it’s working, but you better believe a pair of new tie-rod clamps are on my short short list before I can call this mod completely finished.  And now for the obligatory black & white artsy close up.  Enjoy!