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On Trail

I’m finally back from the shop and with way more mods than I can write about in the next couple minutes. I hope to go into all of them in detail in the coming months, but in the mean time I wanted to drop this awesome picture from Windrock Park where I DIDN’T break an axle this year!



First Trip to RC

I took the TJ in bone stock form (with a few small pieces of armor) out to Rausch Creek and I’d like to say it did really well save one issue that revealed itself.  The bushings in the rear control arms are all so shot that the rear end jiggles something fierce on off camber trails and the rear locker won’t kick on (pretty sure that’s a shot vacuum pump).  Other than those issues, it actually did really great!  Can’t wait to build it up a little more b/c it really needs a smidge more clearance.



Snow Wheelin’

Let it be known that I love snow. A fresh snowfall makes even the most drab locations look amazing! Luckily for me, my local off-road park got dumped on the week leading up to this last wheeling trip. With wind chill at a balmy 4 degrees below zero, we set out to break ground on the fresh snow.

Wheeling anything but green trails quickly proved futile, as you can see below. I was the first to break out the winch to pull myself back up this short hill climb. There was simply no room to get a running start at the bottom of the hill and once on the incline, there was no traction to be had. Little did I know that was just the start of our winching for the day. Everyone’s (mine included) winches got quite the workout today.

I won’t bore you with hours of trail details and winching, but needless to say it was an amazing day of wheeling and recovery. Only one trail break (an LJ sheared off a good chunk of their front U-joint) makes for a killer day in the woods.

Day Trip!

It’s been a quiet few months with regards to mods or doing much of anything Jeep related so getting out for even a little day trip this past weekend was very welcome!  The terrain wasn’t very challenging, but the cool temps and long mountain views were well worth the trip.



No more for me, I’m stuffed!

As a result of this run, I realized that it might be time to upgrade to a 3/4 stubby bumper to give my tires a little more space.  So much so that I’ll even go all Chandler Bing on you… Could my tire BE any more stuffed?  The limiting factors currently are the gussets on the inside of the bumper b/c I think I’ve got a little more uptravel left to give.  Regardless, this is one fun pic and this trail was an absolute blast!


Red Cloud Off Road

My buddies and I made a day trip out to the new Red Cloud Off Road park just south of DC to see if there was enough terrain to make a weekend out of it and do a little general recon.  What we found was a great little park with super nice folks, but unfortunately, not a lot of land for the kind of trails that we are used to at bigger parks like Rausch Creek.  There’s deff a very cool winding creek to drive up (my favorite). The down side to a small park is that just about every turn is a TIGHT A$$ turn. There was one trail that we went on that was nothing but a long tree slalom where even two door Wranglers were doing more than their share of 3 point turns.  My quick take is for a YJ/CJ/TJ there could be some fun navigation since they all have such tight turning circles, but for anything longer this park is a bit snug.




It really does suck!

When I picked up my new GoPro, I also picked up this suction mount to use when I’m on the road or on the trail.  So far, I’m fairly pleased with it.  I tested it first on smooth roads around town at speeds up to 50mph with no problems but the real test was a full day of off-roading and rock crawling.

Despite feeling a little silly, I cleaned the drivers side doors in the parking lot of the off-road park using Waterless Car Wash & Wax from Chemical Guys.  I didn’t want there to be any water spots at the start of the day for the shot.  Any mud that came later was welcome but I wanted the shot to start with a clean slate.

With the doors all cleaned up, I attached the mount to the side of the body behind the door and set off.  To keep an eye on things, I tilted my drivers mirror all the way down till I could see the camera and let me tell you, 10 hours of wheelin’ later it hadn’t budged!  When I removed the suction mount, there was nothing but clean paint underneath.

My only complaint is that it is a little tricky to get exactly the angle you want. I wish this mount came with a way to rotate just the camera end of the mount 360* but as far as suction and keeping the camera steady, this mount does a great job!  I’m looking forward to trying a different angle on my next trip.