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On the level

Before my master plan for a lift came up again in my head recently, I found myself in an interesting suspension predicament. After adding on a full width front bumper and a steel cable winch and a steel skid under the front axle, the rake on the Jeep started resembling a moonshine runner’s 1940 Ford V8. A little research on the situation & a quick call to Mr. K later, Rock Krawler’s Long Travel Leveling Kit was on the way to my house.


Unboxing the kit, the product seems very solid and the install pretty straight forward. The instructions tell you to drop the front springs, install the pucks, and connect everything back together. Drop the rear springs, and do the same. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the jack stands I borrowed were entirely too short to even get the Jeep off the ground so I went out scouring for another set. My mechanic had some for me to borrow, buuuut he also had an open bay and an hour or two free to play with my Jeep. As much as I’d like to say I did this install, my mechanic promptly kicked me out of the bay and knocked it out himself.

Here are some before and after pix to show the difference a leveling kit can make.




When picking out the kit, I decided not to get the additional front sway bar disconnects/extensions. If you have a non-rubi and are installing this kit, I suggest you get the full kit and enjoy the sway bar quick discos. On a rubi, the extensions just don’t seem to be necessary. With out them, the sway bar is still pretty much parallel to the ground.