A new home

SoldWell, it looks like it’s time to move on… to my next Jeep!  =)  My JKUR found an amazing new owner in the area who is already enjoying it with the doors and roof panels removed.  Hopefully, I’ll even see them on trail in it in the near future.

When I boil it all down, I just haven’t been able to enjoy this Jeep as much as I’d like for quite some time.  For lack of a better reason… It’s just too nice!  I know, that sounds weird, right?  But I couldn’t take a rig that nice out on trail with out worrying about every single noise or scratch or scrape that I heard.  I tried to armor and protect it out the wazoo, but it still stressed me out.  Being my daily driver means it has to be in 100% working order and that doesn’t mesh well with a bit too much trail carnage.

What I have done is picked up a mild tow vehicle and I’m currently shopping for a TJ that will be a little more utilitarian that I can enjoy out on the trails.  Maybe I’ll get my old TJ back?  Or maybe I’ll find something just as good?  Stay tuned!


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