Rust Spots & a Sqeak

This ARB rear bumper/carrier really is the gift that keeps on giving.  Whether it’s an annoying little squeak that’s recently developed or rust spots around the hinge that need to be dealt with.  There’s no shortage of issues that need repair on this lovely part.  Please, please, learn from my mistake and just say No to ARB’s rear bumper/carrier.  This part has been a disappointment since the day I began installation and there are too many fantastic parts to choose from on the market.  My local paint & body guy is working the rust issue as I type, so even if that doesn’t fix the squeak, it’ll at least get it looking rust free again!


I’ve emailed ARB to ask why their powder coating has decided to rust out so early and I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything positive or negative.  With regards to the squeaking, ARB sent me their updated instruction manual which I must say is much improved.  However, it shows a new carrier design so that doesn’t do me a ton of good.  I’m hoping that a little Sil-Glyde will finally quiet that noise.  I’ve already tightened every loose bolt I could find and adjusted the striker plate… What else is left??


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