More Armor in the queue!

Brown Santa just brought me a gas tank skid from Rubicon Express!  This is a brand new product that RE is showing at SEMA and mine shipped out just before.  To be brutally honest, it was the price that caught my eye first but the design seems to be identical to more expensive units & it’s made of the same 3/16″ steel as my current skids.  Quadratec is listing this skid at only $150, so I’m looking forward to unboxing to see if it’s a new hidden gem on the market or if it’s a cheap POS.  Stay tuned!



5 thoughts on “More Armor in the queue!

    1. KPM Post author

      I’ve got pictures and thoughts. I’ve just been entirely too lazy at blog posting recently. Sorry! I’ll try to work on some updates this week.

      1. JG


        Just kidding. I nerded out and read the entirety of your blog, nice work. I’m also curious as to whether or not you and ARB made amends, I was considering them for my bumper needs as well.

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  2. KPM Post author

    Pix and thoughts on the RE’s gas tank skid are up. Thanks for reading! Oh, and I’ve got more to say on the ARB issue. That one is going to take a while to write up.


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