Braking The News

My JK was just in the shop (yes, again!) getting an exhaust leak fixed up.  The exhaust manifold gasket on the driver side of the engine developed a leak.  No biggie, new gasket, right?  But wouldn’t you know it, once that gasket was replaced a leak was heard on the passenger side too!  Luckily, both gaskets have been repaired and the engine is running right as rain again.  But while it was in the shop, I asked the tech to check my brakes.  Lately, I just haven’t been happy with the brake feel.  Sure it stops, but I’d like it to stop a little better.  I put new pads on all four corners, I’ve flushed the lines with fresh fluids, and then bled the lines to make sure there’s no air whatsoever in the lines.  But it still didn’t feel right.  According to the dealership, the rotors are glazed.  All of them.  At around 25,000 miles on the odometer.

I’ll accept that maybe the rear ones weren’t the best OEM product and they need to go (Rotors after only 25,000 miles?!?), but what I can’t wrap my head around is the Teraflex Big Rotor kit is already shot after less than 9,500 miles?  I reached out to Teraflex to see if they have any thoughts on the situation.  I hope they have something fun to say b/c I’ve never heard of anyone burning through rotors this quickly.


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