Stupid Winter

Ok, I can’t really blame this one on winter.  I was so excited to get my new Poison Spyder Rico step kit on last summer, that I just slapped them on despite the crappy powder coating job they received.  Beautiful welds, but I saw bare spots from the powder when I picked them up.  I pushed back on the company that did the work and they admitted they need to be redone.  They promised to redo the job and I promised to pay them when they did.  After chasing them around for a few months with no results, I just let it go.

Fast forward to today after the harsh winter we had and those rust spots are getting worse by the minute.  Moral of the story… If you don’t have the facilities to do the work yourself, make sure you go to a quality shop.  As my buddy always said, do it right or do it twice!



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