The ReGear

I’ve been thinking about this mod for months and months (and months), but now the time is upon us.  I’m regearing my JKUR from the stock 4.10’s (pretty good) to Yukon 4.88’s (Damn good!).GearChartAs you can see by the chart I’ve posted above (full disclaimer, I didn’t make this chart) a stock JKUR w/ 4.10’s, manual transmission, 3.6L engine & 32’s turns at around 2400 rpm doing 70 mph in 6th.  This is comfortable for this engine and makes for a peppy Jeep imho.  Loading up the Jeep with a lift, armor, bumpers, tire carrier, and heavy 35’s really tend to bog it down and make it a bit of a pig.  Especially on hill climbs in the mountains with any passengers or gear.  After the regear, I’ll be turning around 2600 rpm at the same speed.  While that might seem a little high to some of you…  Well, those of you would be right.  I think it’ll make the Jeep a full on Hot Rod!  But since the long term plan is 37’s, it’s only a temporary hot rod.  With a 37″ tire, the revs drop down to just about where the Jeep was when it rolled out of the factory.  Plenty pep with out too much whine.  What?  Would you have me re-gear twice?

Oh yeah, I’m sure these gears are gonna rock off road too.  But I’m more interested in the on-road performance for this mod since it already kicks a$$ at driving over stuff on the trails.  I’m hoping to get a few 0-60 times on my stock gears so I have data to compare to the 4.88’s and to share with you fine folks.  Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “The ReGear

  1. KPM Post author

    “mixture of fear and anticipation”
    I don’t think you could have summed up my thoughts any better!


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