Nuts & Bolts!

As I wrote in an earlier post, there’s a lot of back and forth discussion on the value of the Grade 8 bolt upgrade for JK suspension components.  Some folks swear by it, others are convinced it’s snake oil.  Me?  I haven’t decided yet but my thinking is if my components can fit a little more snug, why shouldn’t I drop a minimal amount of coin to tighten everything up?  I went with the Synergy f911 hardware kit that comes with bolts for all your lower control arms, track bars, & front frame side track bar bracket.  I don’t have a ton of swapping out steps other than the usual ‘make sure it’s on a level surface, set the brake, & chock the tires.’ One thing that helped me was having my jack under each bolt before I removed it. Both as a safety precaution and to help align the arms back in place. But honestly, some of the bolts holes didn’t need any help lining up.
Synergy-f911-8For me the hardest step was to tighten the bolts to spec while working by myself.  I need two hands for the torque wrench and one or two on the nut to keep it from spinning.  To solve this problem I called on my friend the ratchet strap to give me a little counter leverage.


And now how about what you’ve really come here for… Pretty picture of Synergy’s F911 Bolt kit!


The two pictures below show a pair of stock lower control arm bolts and a pair of the Synergy bolts that replaced them.


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