Steering Lessons Learned

After having the Teraflex steering stabilizer (SS) relocation bracket and Fox SS installed for a few days, I think it’s worth taking a moment to write down some thoughts.

  • As you saw in my last post, the entire set up pulls noticeably to the left.  While it fixed the bump steer, it caused a new problem and that is still pulling just as strong as the day I installed it.
  • The TF bracket that clamps on to the tie rod is actually very bulky.  If you have installed an aftermarket diff cover, make sure to check clearances.
  • After installing this kit, I’ve lost a few degrees of steering angle on both ends when turning lock to lock.  One direction is due to the bulky bracket not playing nicely with my front diff cover, the other direction fully compresses the larger SS.

If I had it to do over, I wouldn’t buy this kit.  This is probably painfully obvious since I’m pulling it off and returning it.  If your goal is only to flip your SS above your tie rod, skip the kits.  Just buy this bolt from Fox Racing to replace your track bar mounting bolt, and then rotate your stock tie rod clamp up 90 degrees.  Done and only $10 (+ shipping) invested.  Obviously I don’t have the bolt I suggested installed because I’m eyeballing a dual SS set up, but if I wanted to stay with a single shock and just relocate it, that would be the ticket for me.


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