Ruh Roh!

It’s been CRAZY cold around here lately and as we all know, the crazy cold (+ salt on the ground) doesn’t do metal components any good.  As I’ve been driving around town hitting pot holes (those things multiply like there’s no tomorrow!), it seems I’ve managed to shake something loose in my steering set up.  As a result, I am starting to experience the early stages of the dreaded death wobble.  I’ve had death wobble in a previous Jeep and let me tell you… it sucks!  Not only is it scary as hell, it can be a complete PITA to diagnose and fix.

The first order of business last night was to crawl around under the Jeep with my torque wrench & 21/22 mm bits checking all of the suspension bolts.  I’ll let you google what causes death wobble on your own time, but my first instinct was to check and tighten up the suspension bolts.  Friends of mine have suggested swapping out the ball joints since the stock ones are known to go bad quicker than expected.  I may also use this as an excuse to swap out to a high-steer kit to remove a bit of play out of my steering wheel.  So far, I’ve made plans to order/install a new set of heavy duty ball joints from Synergy Manufacturing and, in the mean time, I’ve torqued all the bolts back up to spec.

I’m pleased to report that the Jeep is driving pretty nicely after a few minutes spent with a wrench, but I haven’t found a truly evil pot hole while doing 50 mph to test my repair on yet.  If I didn’t fix it (please be fixed, please be fixed, please be fixed), I’ll be back with more thoughts on diagnostics.


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