Red Cloud Off Road

My buddies and I made a day trip out to the new Red Cloud Off Road park just south of DC to see if there was enough terrain to make a weekend out of it and do a little general recon.  What we found was a great little park with super nice folks, but unfortunately, not a lot of land for the kind of trails that we are used to at bigger parks like Rausch Creek.  There’s deff a very cool winding creek to drive up (my favorite). The down side to a small park is that just about every turn is a TIGHT A$$ turn. There was one trail that we went on that was nothing but a long tree slalom where even two door Wranglers were doing more than their share of 3 point turns.  My quick take is for a YJ/CJ/TJ there could be some fun navigation since they all have such tight turning circles, but for anything longer this park is a bit snug.





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