Slip Slidin’ Away

Once I started tinkering with my ride height, I knew one day I would need some assistance getting into my rig while keeping the pinch seams protected.  Over the past calendar year, I went back and forth comparing steps/sliders from ACE, Body Armor 4×4, EVO, Garvin Industries, HyLine OffRoad, LOD, M.O.R.E., MOPAR, N-Fab, Olympic 4×4, Poison Spyder, Quadratec, Rock Hard 4×4, Rock-Slide Engineering, Rampage, Rugged Ridge, Shrockworks, SmittyBilt, WARN, & White Knuckle.  In the end, the simple minimalistic design of the Poison Spyder DIY Rico Step Kit won me over and since they weld on to the OEM Rubi Rails, you don’t loose any ground clearance either.  Win!


There’s really not much to the kit.  2 pieces of CNC bent DOM tubing, 2 front steps, 2 rear steps, and 2 gussets.

PSRicoStep2Front steps pictured above, rear steps below.


Since I currently have no welding skills, I’m having to outsource this job to my fabrication guy.  Here’s the last shot of the rails on my Jeep with 5 body lines marked on each rock rail.  The front fender line, 3 door lines, and the rear fender line.PSRicoStep4

It looks so naked with out those rails, but hopefully it’ll only take my guy a few days to get them welded, primed, & powder coated.  I take a lot of pride in doing all of my own work, but for this project it’s just not feasible.  I simply don’t have the skill set for welding (yet!) and I don’t have access to a facility to do my own sand blasting or powder coating.

PSRicoStep5To put it mildly, I’m incredibly excited to see the finished product on my rig!


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