Under Pressure

After driving on my freshly aired down tires for about a month and a few tanks of gas, I’ve decided to go back to the manufacturers suggested higher pressure of 37psi.  When I first dropped down the pressure, I thought that the Jeep felt a little sluggish.  Initially, I figured that was all in my head.  But after tracking my fuel economy, I noticed a 1-2 mpg drop despite similar driving conditions.  Sure, the ride was a little more cushy, but not enough to be worth the additional fuel cost.  I think I’ll keep the tires topped off around town or on the highway and save the lower pressures for strictly off road use.  Like I said, take the chalk test with a grain of salt and in the end, make up your own mind as to what’s right for your and your specific set up.

And here’s David Bowie’s Under Pressure, because let’s face it… it’s been stuck in your head since you read the post title.


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