Wheel Repair

I’ll be the first to admit it when my ‘good idea’ doesn’t go as planned.  So, allow me to introduce you to my latest idea…  Wheel repair.  One of the design features I like about my wheel is the machined metal lip that I didn’t think would show rock rash very much.  My plan has been working great until this most recent off-road trip where I really gaffled a couple of my wheels.  I watched a couple videos on wheel repair and picked out one of my wheels without too much damage to give it a try.  Look for the damage on the lip at about the 10 o’clock position.


WheelDamage1Using a variable speed Dremel with 3 grits of sanding bits, I started with the finest grit at the slowest speed to see how the metal would react.  If you know what you are doing (I didn’t) you want to start with the heaviest grit first and then work towards the lightest to smooth everything out.


WheelDamage2This picture looks like it shows fantastic results!  But, the truth is that while I was able to smooth out the metal (feels great to the touch) cosmetically the wheel damage looks just as bad.  Only in a different way.  There’s no easy way to create a matching machined pattern while grinding off damage with a dremel.  A painted wheel… yes.  But machined metal is beyond my skill level with a Dremel at this point.

If I decide to swap out my wheels when I bump up to 37’s, I’m going to think long and hard on a set of ZX wheels from Level 8.  That’s a great looking set of wheels but the really cool feature is that they offer a protective rock guard that you can attach to the wheel for off-roading.  The ring, made of a high impact polymer attaches to the lip of the wheel to take rock rash so your wheel doesn’t.  REALLY effing clever!


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