What a freakin’ tool bag!

Now that the Jeep is getting bigger, I’m starting to tackle more difficult terrain.  With more difficult terrain, eventually something is probably gonna break (Hopefully it’ll be something fun to upgrade!) so it makes sense to carry tools & spare parts with you to ensure you can make it home safely.  I carry a very basic set of tools every day regardless, but for wheeling I pack quite a bit more.  And like the classy fella that I am, I’ve been using an old laundry basket to carry all that gear.  But no more!  Before the bottom of that poor basket broke, I invested in a 24″ contractors tool bag from Home Depot.  The materials feel pretty heavy duty and it can actually hold all the tools that I currently carry for only $25!  I’m calling that one hell of a deal and something that I’ll get a lot of use out of as I prepare for upcoming wheeling trips.  This same bag comes in 12-, 15-, 18-, & 24-inch I believe.  So however many tools you carry, grab a bag for fast and easy access to make that trail repair a little less painful.


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