Bike Rack Question

An excellent question was recently posted on Wrangler forum…
For those of you that have back up cameras, how do hitch mounted bike racks affect the visibility?

Not only do I have a camera and a rack, this is something I’ve been wondering about since I installed my very own back up camera.  I thought it would pretty much make the camera pointless since its mounted directly in front of the support post of the hitch rack.  Instead of speculating, I broke out my Yakima Double Down 4 bike rack and tested the alleged 170* viewing angle of the Gino Backup Camera.

YakimaRackMy Yakima rack is actually a little odd.  The rack was a gift and mistakenly ordered for a 1.25″ receiver instead of a 2″.  To correct the problem, I just got a 1.25″ to 2″ conversion piece that you can see in the picture.  This actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise for a few reasons.  First, it pushes the rack out far enough to get around my over sized spare and second, by being pushed that far back it doesn’t really impact the view on the back up camera as much as it could.  Sure I have to put a ratchet strap on it to keep it from swaying, but I’m pretty sure all of these racks have at least a little play in them.



One thought on “Bike Rack Question

  1. Chad

    Superior write-up of the backup-camera installation! In another life I wrote tech-manuals, and this would pass any editor’s criteria I know of. Looking forward to doing my installation, now that I have ALL the tools. Thanks, yet-again! – Chad, Wickenburg, AZ


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