Bro, do you even Tweet?

Let it be known that I surf and comment on Jeep forums.  I know, no shock there, right?  The other day, one mod caught my eye on Wrangler Forum from a user named Pressurized.  The idea was to swap out the capacitors on your stock front tweeters to get better performance out of them.  I’m posting pix, comments, and a brief write up below but feel free to also check out Pressurized’s step by step and more detailed write up using the link above.

First things first, pop the tweeter out of the dash housing in the Jeep and disconnect the wiring clip.  One of mine disconnected incredibly easily, one was a PITA.  Make sure to have a small screw driver and a good bit of patience to keep from breaking any of the plastic clips.  If you break a clip, the game is up.

I picked up the same 10 microfarad 100v capacitors that Pressurized used from  The cost of the parts was under $3 but $7 in shipping for $3 of parts in general bugs me.  You can probably grab them from your local radio shack to save on shipping, I just didn’t check the store before I ordered online.

Next, you’ll want to remove the tweeter from the plastic housing.  You don’t actually have to, but I found it easier to work on the speaker with the edges exposed.  The first picture in this post shows the tweeter in the housing, the picture below is out of the housing.  I placed the new cap on the edge of the plastic clip and used a little Loctite Super Glue to keep it in place.  Do this first so you can free up a hand to work on those small connections.

After clipping and bending the connections from the stock tweeter out of the way, solder the connections for the new cap in place.  When running the wire from the bottom of the cap, make sure not to cover the opening where the wiring harness clips in.  Also, don’t forget to trim any extra wire from the capacitor that goes past the connection.

Put the tweeter back into the plastic housing, connect the wiring and reinsert the housing back into your dash.

I don’t have any before/after pictures of the dash because you can’t see a difference.  You can, however, hear a difference.  The highs are much more crisp and more pronounced.  For under $3 and a few minutes of effort, this is a mod that’s well worth the work.  Especially in the older JKs.


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