The Portable Sun Returns

As you saw in my Portable Suns post, the brackets that came with the Aurora round lights didn’t quite work for my application. After the first install, I set to work on a simple sketch that I could hand off to my fabricator for a new, more sleek bracket.  A week or so later, here are the results of my drawing and his handy work.

He worked in aluminum, so the the brackets don’t weigh 10 metric tons like the stock ones did, and powder-coated them for long lasting good looks. Instead of thick solid steel, the bends and additional support bars give these brackets plenty of rigidity.  As you flip through the comparison pics, you really get a feel for just how much flatter these new brackets are.

New bracket (left) vs. the original (right) laying on their back side.

New bracket (left) vs. the original (right) sitting as they would on the bumper.

New bracket (left) vs. the original (right) laying on their front side.

While I was swapping brackets, I took the opportunity to change out the hardware too.  The bolts that came with the lights were a little on the cheap and crappy side.  I learned this the hard way when I managed to strip out a screw during the test fit.  I went with M6- & M8-1.25x30mm socket cap screws in all black which I think looks a lot better than the stock hardware.

All the parts have been test fitted and photographed and are now ready to go on.

As you can see, these brackets fit much better than the ones that came with the lights.  They offer more room to get to the winch controls, the mounting bolts on the fairlead, and even let me put on the winch cover with out too much difficulty.

Bolted on and wired up!  These new brackets line up much better with the mounting holes on the ARB bumper.  It still takes some crazy socket extensions to get to all the bolts, but the brackets are very secure.

I was asked to demo my pods & round LEDs this past weekend.  All the smoke you see there is from the camp fire near by.  Try not to look directly into the light.

With the final install complete, the lights still look freakin’ huge!  But, they sit a little closer to the center line (laterally) of the bumper and forward away from the winch.  Are they bigger than I originally wanted?  Yeah, but they sure are growing on me.


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