Brace Yourself, Videos are Coming!

In preparation for this summer and the Jeep trips I’ve got coming up, I picked up a GoPro Hero 3 Black edition.  While I would have loved to have a Hero 3+ Black edition, I just couldn’t justify the extra $100+.  I mean, I am barely an amateur videographer.  I don’t even know what half these settings mean!  The only thing that really concerned me at the time I picked it out was battery life, but I skirted that issue by picking up two spare battery packs & a mobile charger from Smatree for $25.  The waterproof case is a little larger & the buttons a little harder to push than the Hero3+, buuut again, worth the extra $100?  I’ll keep my ears open for a steal of a deal on a used Hero3+ case or that sweet looking blackout housing.


To go with it, I also picked up the GoPro suction cup mount and so far I’m fairly pleased with it.  I tested it around town filming a short joy ride and it didn’t budge or create vibration at speeds up to 45 mph.  If I had to make one complaint, it’s that it can be challenging to get the specific angle you want due to the lack of 360* rotation at the front of the mount.  But if you get a little clever with your bag of clips, you can make due.


One thought on “Brace Yourself, Videos are Coming!

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