This past weekend found a bunch of house keeping tasks that needed to be attended to.  Nothing extremely exciting or glamorous, but things that needed tending too.  First things first, I pulled each and every wheel off of the Jeep to change out the lugs and torque them properly.  While I had the wheels off, I finally washed all the mud off the inside.  I think they look much, much better with out those damn rusty wheel locks!

The next plan of attack was to finish off my back up camera install.  When the dealership recently swapped out the head unit, I had them drop the connection wires and flash the CPU for a MOPAR camera kit.  However, when I plugged the kit up for testing, nothing worked.  The head unit was looking for a video feed, but the camera just wasn’t kicking on.  Damn!  Well, on the plus side I learned how to take my dash off.  Surprisingly, not that bad.

It sure as hell looks eerie missing all the trim!

Another big housekeeping chore that needed to be done was a tire carrier adjustment.  The ARB Carriers are adjustable to fit wheels of different back spacing and tires of different sizes.  Over the winter, I still had my carrier set up for my stock tires and it was time to change that.  I popped out the 4 bolts that held the carrier plate on, ground off any rust, hit it with a little semigloss, replaced all the bolts, drilled a fresh alignment hole, applied a little blue Loctite, and presto!  Ok, it was actually a pain sizing it out to get it to sit juuuust perfectly, but I like to remember it as just that easy!  The 35×12.50 used to sit at a fairly steep angle, but now the tire is almost perfectly perpendicular to the ground as it should be.  It’s still pushing on the tire carrier per ARB’s recommendation to help the swing arm support/balance the weight.

All that’s left, a good well deserved deep clean.  I used Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash and Wax to get all the road grime off and bring the luster back.  For the tires, I tried using Black Magic Tire Wax (Excellent product by the way) but the sidewall tread destroyed the applicator pad after about 30 seconds. I had to fall back to a can of No Touch Seriously Wet, but I think it did the trick.  If you have the time, let the Seriously Wet soak in to your tires for 2+ hours (they claim only 20 mins, buuut I like to really let it get in there).  Don’t have 2+ hours?  Sure you do.  Before you call it a night, apply No Touch, pull the jeep forward about a half a turn of the wheels to touch up the parts you missed and call it a night.  That time helps it bond with the rubber, prevents spinning off and keeps your tires shiny longer.  The fenders and black plastic trim are done with ArmorAll Outlast.  A new(ish) product from ArmorAll that I’ve been meaning to try.  Hell, it’s got a picture of a JK on the cover, I think that targeted market really got me!  It’s only been a few days, but so far so good.  Will it live up to its claim of 100 washes?  We’ll see.



6 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. Chad

    You mentioned “I’m currently writing a post all about my camera install, wiring, & thoughts.” Any progress on your 2nd installation? I received my camera and the PAC wiring harness. As soon as I have some unrestricted access to the JK, I hope to tackle the installation. Interestingly, so-far no-response from two Chrysler/Jeep dealers regards flashing the 430N to recognize the camera.

    1. KPM Post author

      Hey Chad, I haven’t forgotten and I am still working on that post. My work load has really picked up lately so that’s got a lot to do with the hold up.

      Before you do any drilling or pulling off of panels, make sure you test all your wiring to make sure the flash/code works as it should. Have you talked to the service managers in person or just emailed/called them and asked to flash your CPU using their starscan tool to kick on code ‘XAC’?

      1. Chad

        I can relate to having too many balls in the air. As I mentioned, I have all of my bits-and-pieces (with the exception of a double-female RCA coupler for the video-in), but have had other more pressing chores. Also, “STILL no replies” from the two dealerships I asked about flashing the CPU. Either they’re not up-to-speed on the task (?) or too busy to be bothered replying, which kinda bugs me There are at minimum 6-7 Jeep dealerships within 50-miles, if I have to shop-around for that chore. I will start on the installation as soon as the RCA connector arrives; perhaps later this week.

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  3. KPM Post author

    That’s incredibly strange that the dealership is giving you the run around. A StarScan is a tool I thought all dealerships would have on hand. It’s 0.4 labor hours to do the work and it’s easy work at that.

    1. Chad

      In the “for-what-it’s-worth” dept. – a small dealership near me said they’ll flash the radio, but the tech I spoke with said StarScan is “Old-School”? They use some newer generation wireless device. Guess this means I need to make my installation a larger priority – before I forget where I put the hardware I purchased!


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