Another set of lugs?

When I swapped out my Rubi wheels for a set of Dick Cepek Torques, I also swapped out my lugs for a set of black locks.  There was nothing wrong with my OEM lugs and Mopar wheel locks, I just like the look of black lugs on black wheels.  You know, matchy matchy!  I did absolutely zero research when I picked out the lugs, instead I simply asked the shop selling me the wheels to toss in a set of black lugs and called it a day.  What they sent me was a set of ProComp lugs that were rusted a month later (in the middle of summer?).  I thought this must be a defective set to fail so quickly so I grabbed the phone and gave ProComp a call to let them know what happened.  ProComp kindly tossed a new set in the mail which I promptly installed as soon as they arrived.

Well, fast forward to today with the brutal winter finally leaving us and I’m sure you can guess what my lugs look like.  I can see the rust at 20 yards!  And that just won’t do.  After a bit of researching, I ponied up the cash for a set of McGard locks to replace this rusted out mess.

ImageWhen you unbox the McGard 84562BK, you can tell they put a lot of care in their product.  Each and every lug is individually wrapped, the locks are individually sealed in little bags, and the warranty/replacement info comes in a thick plastic pouch for safe keeping.  The parts and materials feel top notch as they should for wheel lugs at this price point.  The next image shows a comparison of my current ProComp lug/lock on top to the McGard on bottom.  I can’t believe those ProComps are less than 9 months old!  They look like they belong in a junk yard.

ImageThe locks/lugs are beautiful, but unfortunately this story doesn’t end here.  The McGards are a FAT, FAT lug and based on the design of my wheel, I can just barely fit the lug onto the wheel and finger tighten them.  Even a thin walled socket can’t do the trick.  Damn.  I so badly wanted these to work.

ImageI didn’t spend long at the drawing board before I swapped over to my second choice, a spline drive lock/lug set from Gorilla, part # 21184BCD.  The unboxing looks pretty good and the test fit is pretty good.  I’m finally supposed to see the sun this weekend, so it’ll be time to clean everything up and swap in the new hardware.

I’m a firm believer of the ‘buy it right or buy it twice’ thought process, but I really screwed the pooch on this wheel lock issue.

  1. Stock Wheel Lugs
  2. Mopar Wheel Locks
  3. ProComp Black Lug/Lock, set 1
  4. ProComp Black Lug/Lock, set 2
  5. McGard 84562BK
  6. Gorilla 21184BCD

Those ProComp lugs… They are going to the metal scrap yard in the sky.  If you need a set of black lugs, just don’t.  Look somewhere else.  ProComp makes many great products, but black wheel locks just aren’t one of them.


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