uConnect 430N, Y U No uConnect N-E Mor?

Out of the blue the other day, my uConnect 430N suddenly dropped the bluetooth connection to my phone.  Wha?  Why?

The Dirty Details
Device: uConnect 430N
Software Version: 44.00.01
Phone: iPhone5, iOS 7.0.5
The problem started on or around 19Feb2014. The iPhone connects immediately, then drops the bluetooth connection after 30 seconds and then reconnects a few seconds later only to repeat the process over and over. There are no new devices in my Jeep that might be causing signal interference, the iPhone is the same one I’ve had for almost a year, there were no updates pushed to either device around the date the problem started. The iPhone connects via Bluetooth to all other devices without any issues.

I’ve already tried…
Power cycling the iPhone
Power cycling the uConnect head unit
Factory resetting the uConnect head units phone pairing
Removing the paired connection from the iPhone
Removing the contact sync features
Pairing again from scratch
1800iAmUseless Chat Support
The uConnect techs claim that there hasn’t been a software update pushed wirelessly and uConnect doesn’t support beyond iOS 7.0.2. However, the connection had no problems for the past 5 months regardless of upgrades from 7.0.2 > 7.0.3 > 7.0.4 > 7.0.5. My current best guess is that the bluetooth module in the 430N has failed or is experiencing intermittent power contact.

After spending a little more time trouble shooting this issue over the past few days, I timed the connection drops and found them to occur exactly every 27 seconds. I’ve also gotten my hands on another iPhone5, this one with iOS 6.1.4 and another hands-free Bluetooth system (Audi’s MMI). I tested my iPhone (iOS 7.0.6) on the Audi MMI and it worked flawlessly. I then tested the iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1.4 on the uConnect and it also operated flawlessly. The interesting part is after testing my uConnect using the 6.1.4 iPhone and then resetting the uConnect system, my iPhone (7.0.6) started working again just fine. It did so for about 15-20 minutes, and then started to drop the connection again as usual. I power cycled the iPhone (7.0.6) and it connected again for a time, but then went back to it’s old 27 second drop off plan. My new theory… Gremlins! Yup, deff gremlins in the uConnect.

Another discussion with the tech support guys have found me doing a full system restore on the iPhone 5 (iOS 7.0.6), a reset to the uConnect 430N, repaired both, tested again and that did absolutely no good. Same connection dropping results. I’ve checked over the Jeep and there are no electronics or even new light bulbs running that hadn’t been running before this problem started. I’m a little stumped as to what else I can check or test at this point.

Per Chrysler support (yes, again), I performed a soft reset of the 430n, and then retested the Bluetooth connection. No change. I also tried pulling the battery connection for 45+ mins, & retesting. Again, no new results.

Back to the drawing board.


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