With great droop comes great responsibility

Once the lift kit went on, all it took was one droop test to realize that the Teraflex exhaust spacers simply weren’t going to cut it. A little time on the internets and a good sales code (Thank you NorthRidge4x4!) had a Coast 1310 drive shaft shipping my way. Not much to say about the install. The only hiccup was a stuck bolt on the front axle that took a little heating to break, but everything else was pretty straight forward and went on with out any trouble.

ImageGetting started with the jeep on jack stands and all the skids dropped.

That pesky bolt must have had more than its fair share of loctite when it was tightened on at the factory.

The OEM (top) and the new Coast drive shafts side by side.

ImageThe front axle is ready for the new drive shaft.

ImageAs is the transfer case. Nothing left but a few bolts.

ImageAll done and ready for some flexin’!

It droops very nice with no contact on the exhaust and there are absolutely no driveline vibrations coming from it. All in all, I’m pleased with this part and will probably look at a coast for the rear drive shaft when the time comes to take that step.


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