Over the River & Thru the woods…

As my sPod switch panel has been filling up, I’ve actually started to get confused about which switch does what. Yeah, I know there are only 6 switches… how hard can it be?!? Maybe I’m getting senile already? Let’s hope not! I picked up a set of 6 assorted rocker covers from OTRATTW to replace the standard blue ones that came with my sPod. Before you ask, no I don’t have roof lights nor am I sure I want roof light bar, but I needed a 6th switch to fill the blank spot so ‘roof lights’ it is.

ImagePopping off the covers is fairly simple, just gently (but firmly) pull the switch cover out. I found that process to be quite unnerving honestly and figured out that it takes a little finesse. I didn’t want to break any plastic from the existing rocker covers b/c that would have turned into hours of removing the sPod and the rocker just to fish out a small piece from the inside of one of the rocker or perhaps have to replace one.

ImageThe new covers just click into the existing openings (much less eerie!). The finished product looks quite nice if I do say so myself and it serves the functional purpose of preventing any confusion as to which switch does what.



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