I’m like f***in’ Pablo Picasso in here!

One of the down sides to being part of team low & slow is that it’s not just a catchy name. Most of use really are low and we wheel pretty damn slow. As a result, your skids are going to take quite the beating (assuming you have skids). Every now and then it’s a good idea to drop your skids and check for damage. As you can see, I have found a few rocks here and there…


All it really takes is a little love with from a wire brush and an angle grinder to get that rust out of there. Followed by a coat of rust-over primer, a few rounds of semi gloss black and ta-da! Looks good as new. Protip – If you think it’s dry, give it 15 more minutes!



Ok, well maybe I’m not ready for the Rolls Royce spray booth yet and I could have gone over the whole thing with a sander, but I think it looks pretty damn good. I bet the first rock I hit will really appreciate it!


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