And now Deep Thoughts, about the RKSJK3501

I’ve got a little more than 500 miles on my lift thus far, all city/highway/towing, and have had absolutely no problems. The ride is just as comfortable as stock and I know this to be true b/c the wife said the ride feels about the same after going for a drive. The handling is also about the same despite the added ride height. I haven’t had a chance to get it off road yet, so I can’t speak for the flex and articulation, but hopefully that’ll happen sooner than later. One nice side effect of having a lift is how easy it is to get under the Jeep to check bolts or tighten or adjust things. No need to jack it up for simple jobs, just set the parking break, put it in gear, and get to it! The only thing that feels different is the way the wind hits me on the highway. But that could have simply been the combination of a really windy day and my awesome coefficient of drag that resembles a bath tub in a wind tunnel.

Since doing my own lift (with lots of experienced help!), I’ve worked on another RK kit as well as a boutique brand lift and I must say the RK parts in the other lift also went on incredibly easily and painlessly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this lift kit due to its ease of install, Rock Krawlers responsive customer service, parts interchangeability and comfortable over all ride. Again, I haven’t had it off road yet but kits identical like mine have done rather well in that department on my friends rigs.

I did have to make one very simple mod for passengers such as my wife or my mom…


This is working great for now and I hope it continues to do so until I can figure out my rocksliders/sidesteps situation. There are just too many great options out there at to choose from at the moment.


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