Another Round w/ ARB

Here we have another parts delivery from ARB. Why they are sending me parts that are for a YJ/TJ is just beyond me. Parts not included, the 3 bolts the actual tire mounts to. Yay.

ARB Parts

Missing bracket #1 installed, missing grommets installed too. There’s a shiny new M8 bolt at the 4 o’clock position to replace the OEM one that couldn’t take it any more and committed bolticide. For future reference, the TeraFlex CB antenna mount doesn’t play nicely with the new bracket, but you can remedy that with a handful of washers pressed in as spacers.

ARB Parts 2

Missing bracket #2 & missing turnbuckle #2 drilled and installed.

ARB Parts 3

Soooo… this install stopped being fun 10 or so labor hours ago. Now it’s just funny! The latest casualty, my third brake light. This one was totally my fault since I left it laying on the ground when I made a parts run for new bolts. The CRUNCH echoed through the entire garage!

3rd Brake Light


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