Installing the ARB Rear Bumper & Tire Carrier

No Rear Bumper

Nothing says progress like washing metal shavings out of your hair!

Bumper Only

Drilling, cutting, & trimming deff required… But it’s on dammit!  Next up, the tire carrier.

Tire Carrier Parts

ARB 5750300 (tire carrier) – some assembly required.

Ready to Punch

Holes punched and filed. aka prepped for paint.


ARB offers minimal help and no pix here, but I believe this is what the assembled tailgate bracket is supposed to look like for the JK.


Tailgate arm & stop assembly in place. This is a handy picture to have for anyone installing in the future.

Completed Back


Completed Side

After installing my bumper and tire carrier over the weekend, I’m pretty confident that ARB doesn’t even read their own instructions before sending them out nor do they have any sort of quality control before they seal up the parts bags as evidence by missing parts on this kit and plenty of irrelevant spare pieces from other ARB kits. I’ve been turning a wrench on over a dozen of my own vehicles for the better part of 20 years and have worked with automotive products from over 40 aftermarket parts manufacturers including Rubicon Express, TeraFlex, & Olympic 4×4, to name a few and I have never seen a write up for an install quite this bad.

I’m not blasting ARB for everything they make as they do make some good products. For example, my compressor is fantastic and I think my front bumper is a great piece too. But the love doesn’t continue to my tire carrier/rear bumper. I don’t wish the headache that was this install on any of my friends. I won’t drone on about it but If you have decided to install ARB part 5650350 and/or ARB part 5750300 feel free to leave a reply on this post and I’ll be happy to help fill in any gaps to speed your install along since I’ve been through it.


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