Preparing to deal with ARB Parts

Ok, I feel waaaaay better not having a clue what the hell CRC Dry Glide is. After scouring the internets, I’ve found out that CRC Dry Glide is a dry film lubricating treatment that reduces friction made by an Australian company sold in Australia only. Not even readily available on the web. I’ll be using some graphite lubricant for this application as I think this is the closest thing we have that’s in the states. Graphite lube is used in air compressors, food industry, railway track joints, open gear, ball bearings, machine-shop works etc. Such materials can operate up to 350°C/662°F. (Thank you wiki!) If my tire carrier is operating at those temps, I’ve got bigger problems!

Bearing grease is fairly common and I’ve learned that GE II Clear Window and Door Caulk is a neutral cure silicone. All the other tools, I should have on hand… I hope.


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