The Stock Bumper lives to fight another day

After considering all possible courses of action with regards to my ARB Rear Bumper/Tire Carrier over the weekend, I ended up putting my factory bumper back on and deciding that perhaps the ARB rear bumper/tire carrier combo just isn’t the right product for me at this point in time. The fit I’m looking for just isn’t there and when I got my hands on the instructions for the tire carrier (shipping now); it just looked like more of the same. At the $1400 price point, the kit should show up at my door ready to go. Why would I cut parts off of my Jeep that I’m happy with in order to make an aftermarket piece work? A bolt on solution should use existing frame mounting locations imho, not instruct me in a half a$$ way to cut some new holes to make the part fit.

Looking around the market, Hyline OffRoad & Warn Elite Series rear bumper/tire carrier combos also fit the bill and appear to be more along the lines of what I’m thinking when I order a bolt on product. Although the Hyline OffRoad is the front runner, for the time being I’m not ordering anything and plan to continue to run a stock rear bumper. After this latest adventure, I think I’m also taking a break from anything from ARB for a bit based on several off-line emails & phone calls that I’d rather not get into.


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