I shall call you day light!

I’ve always liked the idea of having recovery lights both front and rear. While I don’t do a lot of night wheelin’, there are plenty of occasions where being able to see clearly behind you can be very helpful. It’s for this reason that I agonized on a back bumper. Looking for something with integrated recovery lights rather than heading down to the local auto parts store and slapping on a tractor light. Luckily for me, as I was surfing assorted forums, I came across a light mounting bracket that fits beautifully on top of the rear tail light from Rigid Industries and their LED lighting is not only insanely bright but very compact. And as we all know, compact = easy to fit. The mount works with both the Dually series and the SR series lights. I went with an SR-Q2 series light b/c it was a single row of LED’s and wouldn’t stick up as high as the Dually. Also, if you only plan to run one light back there… make it a good one. 3000+ Lumens? Yes! Each of these lights comes in a few configurations, and after much debate (with myself) I settled on the wide light pattern.


On this install, in addition to the insane light output, I particularly like the attention to a few little details. For example, taking the time to paint the screws that hold this bracket in place. Yeah, you can only see one at a glance or all three if you really look for them. But that’s the point, they no longer stand out. Sometimes, the little details can really bring it all together. Well, they do for me anyways. Wiring is pretty straight forward on this set up. They’ve included a fuse and switch, but since I’ve already got my sPod ready to go, it was as simple as running a power/ground wire directly to switch 6. The wires run behind the tail light, up into the tub, following the oem harnesses behind the carpeting, down the wheel well, under the door sills, & through the firewall. Please, save yourself the head ache and do NOT disassemble the big connector attached to the light. It’ll fit behind the tail light housing as it sits. Just trust me on this one.


Thus far, I’m extremely pleased with the light output of the SRQ-2 and am noodling over plans to install a couple of them up front. Possibly replacing the IPF 968’s that sit so prominently on the bumper eventually. Before I get to the IPF’s, I know I’ll run a set of Dually’s off the a-pillars and I’m working on a custom super-secret squirrel mounting bracket for another set of SRQ-2’s up front. This may hurt the wallet… just a smidge.


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