uConnect 430n Wallpaper (How To)

Here’s a quick run through for anyone who needs it on how to work with wallpaper on the uConnect 430n. This may also be the same on other uconnect systems as well, but I am only familiar with the 430n.

With the vehicle running and the nav system turned on, insert a flash drive with the images you’d like to use. The 430n will automatically search the drive for music files first and switch you to them. Personally, I like to listen to the radio while I fiddle with images, so I click the radio physical button to return to listening to the radio. This will not stop the head unit from searching your flash drive by the way. Next, push the “My Files” physical button on the front of the head unit to access your file storage.

ImagePush the “My Pictures” button on the touch screen to get to your picture library & then click the “add” button at the bottom of the touch screen.

ImageSelect “Front USB” to navigate the image files on your flash drive. (I suggest using an empty flash drive with nothing but the images you want to load. This small step will really make the process quicker.)

ImageSelect either one picture at a time by touching it or click the “All” button at the bottom to select all the pictures in the directory. When finished selecting, click “Save.”

ImageWhen the file transfer is complete, you’ll see the following notification:

ImageTouch one of your new pictures to see it up on the screen. Touch the next/prev buttons at the bottom to scroll through the images saved on your Jeeps hard drive. When you have an image on the screen you like, click the “Set as Picture View” button on the left to set it as your new background image.

ImageReturn to your radio display by pushing the physical radio button on the head unit. If the image doesn’t automatically display, you may still have information displayed instead. Click the information button (looks like an i with a circle) on the bottom right of the touch screen to toggle to picture view mode.

ImageHope that works for you and don’t forget to take your flash drive inside with you!


2 thoughts on “uConnect 430n Wallpaper (How To)

  1. KM

    How did you get your default screen behind your new wallpaper to be black instead of the green/black?

    1. KPM Post author

      In that version of the operating system, black was the default color. I sadly no longer have my JKUR, so I can’t say if that’s been changed to green or if there’s an option to change it in the updated OS for that head unit.


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