Air Up! (ARB CKMA12)

Something I’ve always wanted in a Jeep but have always been a little leery of getting was on-board air. Simply b/c of the amount of space a full compressor takes up and the added weight. Lucky for me (not so much for my wallet!) I found an ARB High Output compressor kit from NorthRidge4x4. This little compressor fits under my hood in some dead space and has no problem airing up tires (only 32’s for now) and possibly filling up a small tank for some air tools. But really, I only plan to use it for tires after trails since I don’t even own any air tools at the moment.

I was just about to do a full write of my on-board air compressor install on this build thread, but I got lazy and also found a really good write-up on My bracket is a little different as it sits back against the firewall while his is perpendicular to mine. I had to relocate the horn and I wired the compressor to my sPod instead of the supplied switch, but everything else is pretty much the same. Here it is installed in all its on-board air goodness!


The only complaint I have isn’t about the product, which works very well, it’s in my install. I drilled a new hole in the bracket when I had to move my horn and now I believe it’s not grounding out properly. Nothing a metal file and some patience won’t fix tho!


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