First things first, the easy stuff

It’s Monday night and the JK just got home, the garage is heated, clearly it’s time to start tossing on some goodies from that pile. It’s better to have a pile of goodies on the Jeep than it is to have them sitting in the garage taking up space, right? So on they go! First up, the rear hitch plug (I think I’ve lost about 4 of these off my TJ courtesy of some mud pits) that slips on easily, and a chrome exhaust tip that bolts on with a few turns of the socket. Even a Jeep can have a little teeny tiny bit of bling, right?

Since I was planning on popping off the rear tail lights to attach a set of Rugged Ridge tail lamp guards, this became the ideal time to also install the new Mopar fuel filler door (it helps to reach through where the tail lights attach to pop off the OEM filler bezel). Personally, I think the filler door is an incredibly cool looking piece of kit and is also great to keep mud off of your locking gas cap (key coded by some kind folks at the dealership parts department). The door sill guards go on with minimal effort (it’s just 3M tape) as long as you clean and prep the area properly followed by Mopar’s rotating wheel locks to keep my wheels/tires out of borrowing hands.

The bigger plan for tonight was to install all of my CB components. I removed the spare tire, pulled 2 bolts from the spare tire mount while loosening the rest to get a little play in the mount to slide that the Teraflex CB Antenna Mount into place. Finishing up is as easy as tightening up all 8 tire mount bolts. Next comes the Firestik on a HD spring (do yourself a favor and invest in a spring. I think I broke 3 sets of antenna mounts before I got myself one), and running the Firestik coax through the rear tailgate. There’s plenty of space to conceal everything on the tailgate and under the plastic on the inside. I’d post a picture, but there’s really nothing to see (that’s the idea!).

With the excitement of an 8 year old fat kid w/ a 6 pack of cupcakes, I unboxed my Uniden Bearcat 880 CB. I’ve been researching this thing for the better part of 2 weeks. New age LED and display tech meets old world simple CB technology, what could be better?? Well, one thing that I might have overlooked was where exactly I was going to shove a full size CB.
D’oh! Back in the box it goes for something that’ll fit a little better.

First ModsFirst Mods


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